Giersch, Christian / Tobiassen, Martin / Beilharz, Gerhard: Paths of sound - Images of listening

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Paths of sound - Images of listening
New music for friends of the lyre
"Three experienced and imaginative lyre players and composers set out to explore the question: How can the lyre sound in the 21st century? How can it speak its own language if played by younger people or those who have stayed young at heart?
It is meant to open up an area to practice, to explore and to improvise with simple, basic means, which is accessible to all levels of ability but still enhances the special style of this new instrument right from the beginning.
Each one of the three has found gis own answers to the posed questions and thus the three chaptersof this book came about. You will probably not need to work through them in the given order but maybe discover some favourites first and later try out the other less familiar parts. In the end you will hopefully come to be become acquainted with all the Paths of sound and Images of listening. If you finally find out new undiscovered ways yourself, this would be the best achievement this book would like to offer." (Preface)

-->                   Gerhard Beilharz
                       Christian Giersch
Martin Tobiassen

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Publisher edition zwischentöne
ISBN 978-3-937518-04-6
Details 2006, 42 pages, A4, softcover
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